Time & Material

The time & material model is perfect for you, as it has never been easier for businesses to spend budget on required resources hassle-free.

The goal of any contract is to meet the project requirements, cover the contractor’s costs and overhead and deliver a profit to the contractor.

Time and Material is a flexible cooperation model, frequently chosen by companies to carry out projects of a specified scope, where the workload of individual stages is very difficult to plan.

How Time and Materials Model Works !

Connect with Clients:

We connect with the client to understand their requirements. The client describes their wishes and their business requirements. With T&M, it is not a problem if a customer cannot picture clearly what software has to be like in the end. Our team immediately focuses on the main idea to later come up with a clear and sustainable solutions.

Establish Project Timeframes:

In this stage, we approximate the budget and project scope. It allows making estimates for a delivery time, depending on the requirements of the project. Execution and other details are discussed with the development team. Finally, Time & Material proposal is made. Although the budgeted and actual final costs may be not the same amount, we guarantee that you will always be immediately informed of any changes needed and be the only one to approve them.

Compose a development team:

After the final agreement is negotiated, we start looking for the candidates to form the development team. A project team that will have to be subsequently responsible for translating the idea into implementation. So, it is being composed of tech professionals whose competencies match project requirements. We hand-pick candidates based on their technical skills, background, and development experience.

Plan the workload :

Every project depends on a well-developed roadmap. A roadmap is a useful tool that gives the entire team an idea of where the project is heading. So, meanwhile, we break down the T&M project into smaller, more manageable steps. This is exceptionally important for software projects with a larger scope. We use deliverables and milestones to keep stakeholders informed and the development team organized and capable of communicating their outcomes accurately.

Engage, contribute, and be up-to-date :

So, the project implementation begins, which is leading to an effective solution. The Time & Material contract requires the client’s continuous engagement with the team to ensure project success. The client is also proactively involved in the decision-making process by asking open-ended questions and providing real input throughout the project. The team continually evaluates the progress and must be able to adjust the design depending on the client’s input.

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