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Increasing complexity in the business ecosystem, coupled with the rising volume of transactions and the need for processing data into intelligence while lowering CAPEX, makes it imperative for organizations to look for viable solutions that offer flexibility, agility, and access to data real-time. It has translated into the adoption of cloud technologies based upon an operating expense model. 

Cloud, being a source of real-time business innovation at scale, acts as a powerful catalyst for organizations to realize their digital ambitions. SAP on Cloud can be a game-changer for organizations seeking new growth opportunities. For organizations running SAP, the Cloud offers multiple benefits, such as performance optimization and cost efficiency.

Our Services Offerings

Ladera Technology has partnerships, experience, frameworks, tools, and accelerators to overcome challenges adopting the Cloud for SAP clients. Our SAP on Cloud Consulting team orchestrates SAP cloud migration end-to-end with ‘right’ emphasis on : 

  • Need-gap analysis
  • Workload assessment
  • Strategies for embracing Cloud
  • Identification of best practices in migration
  • Design of the requisite architecture
  • Decision-making support with ongoing optimization
  • Value-mapping of existing IT processes and Infrastructure

SAP on Cloud Advisory:

  • Identify key business areas that will benefit most from a cloud-based solution
  • Assess cloud readiness and access guidance on cloud computing architecture
  • Develop concrete plans that map out priorities, transitional steps, and milestones

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