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SAP ABAP Development

Ladera Technology is one of the leading ABAP development and consulting from onshore / offshore, through its team of highly skilled ABAP consultants having diversified industry domain experience to exceed customer requirements. Our Development Centre is equipped with state of art technologies and facilities ensuring highest level of security and reliability for its customers.

Our ABAP Capabilities

  • Technical design, build and unit testing of RICEFW objects
  • ABAP Enhancements, Bug fixing and Tuning
  • Performance Tuning (Offshore)
  • Unicode conversion and upgrade projects
  • User Manuals / Documentation support
  • User Training

SAP Custom Development

Every business is unique and business processes are not standard across-the-board. These unique business processes are not always available in the standard SAP system. As a result to get the best out of your SAP systems you need to make certain modifications to the plain vanilla SAP system. What you need is a custom developed SAP solution, to fulfill your specific business requirements. IVL’s custom development services provide you complete development services using SAP standard tools and guidelines that also protect your investment for further upgrades and optimum performance. All this at very affordable cost, by leveraging our offshore Global delivery model and proven experience in SAP related engagements.


Allowing your SAP ERP to communicate with your third-party applications is a must. But which middleware should you choose? Picking the right integration platform is crucial. It reflects on your business processes, your IT landscape, and your return of investment.

SAP PO is the older, on-premises middleware option. PO (or its former version, PI) has many loyal customers. SAP CPI is a newer addition for cloud integrations. In this post we’ll go over some scenarios and see which option might be best for your business.

AP provides us with middleware integration options: the on-premises Process Orchestration (PO) and the cloud-based Cloud Platform Integration (CPI).

SAP Process Orchestration

SAP PO has been around the block. From XI to PI and now to PO, this middleware has been widely adopted in the world for its seamless integration with SAP, comprehensive set of adapters, and user-friendly graphical interface.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) is SAP’s cloud-based middleware that allows integration between cloud and on-premise applications with third-party SAP and non-SAP products. The service enables processing messages both within your organization or with different companies in real-time without requiring additional hardware.

If you’re in need of adapters for your organization, we provide extensive SAP CPI consultancy services, including development of custom additions to meet your company’s needs. For information on our out-of-the-box CPI adapters.

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