Make All Of Your Data Seamlessly Accessible

Ladera Technology offers big data analytics solutions that provide competitive advantages of a modernized information architecture to ensure you automate and optimize business outcomes effortlessly.

We solve big data challenges for clients to help them become a truly digital business. Our big data consulting services encompass big data strategy, real time big data processing services, machine learning, data platform management, and analytics solutions. Because we believe that every business can become a data-driven business, we help you implement a comprehensive big data strategy and shine the spotlight on big data analytics solutions.

Our big data consulting services ensure that we deliver a success blueprint that is tailored to your current technology landscape, preferences and objectives. We implement highly scalable and high-performance Big Data analytics applications following an agile framework.

Optimize operations, mitigate risks, and turn your data into revenues with a trusted partner by your side. We can cover all your data needs, from data strategy design to cloud migration or implementation of Machine Learning and AI.

Big Data Management

Our data management consulting expertise spans metadata management, data governance, data storage in data lakes and warehouses, and beyond. You get seamless data, optimized storage costs, and regulatory compliance.

Big Data Integration

Join your data sources with batch or stream processing in a single location for billing, payroll, fraud detection, sentiment analysis, and more. Our data integration developers make the process easy using ETL tools and custom APIs.

Big Data Security

Take your business data protection to a new level with our expertise in cloud platforms, data encryption, and masking. Our DevSecOps experts can also help you adopt security as code to anticipate breaches and save costs on resource management

Big Data Visualization

We build data visualizations that tell stories in a simple way, enabling informed decision-making and solid ad-hoc data analysis. Take your next big step forward with AR/VR or voice assistants that will deliver convenient access to all of your data.

Big Data Advisory / Consulting

Big Data Support

Big Data Implementation

To accelerate your business through big data analytics, you will get features for :

  • Cost optimization
  • Improving efficiency
  • Fostering competitive pricing
  • Boosting sales and retain customer loyalty
  • Innovating operational processes
  • Focusing on the local environment
  • Controlling and monitoring online reputation

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