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LADERA TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD is an emerging and global SAP implementation & services company.

We provide high-value strategic IT management consulting services and solutions. We are an SAP centre of excellence with focus on SAP enterprise software and solutions.

We have deep expertise and specialization in application management services, integrated business solutions, and enterprise mobility. We provide to our customers/partners, the highest level of quality and dependable cost-effective services with personalized service and support.

Our Solutions

In a market that is cluttered with many players, we want to differentiate ourselves by not only focusing on IT solutions but combining it with deep vertical expertise, providing you world class services which help you implement the solution in a rapid manner.


We help our customers through seamless transition to SAP S/4HANA with end-to-end service offerings for minimal disruption and reduced risks.

SAP Hybris Integration

Our expert engineers in hybris, with their extensive training and experience in projects, are familiar with all the details of the Omnichannel Hybris Commerce platform.

SAP Business One

Ladera Technology offers everything you need to plan, execute and support business transformation in the way that works best for you.

SAP for SME's

Our SAP implementation and maintenance services for SMEs , provide the SMEs addressing the implementation of a SAP System with a safe, predictable and cost-affordable result.

Enterprise Solutions

We providing world class effective enterprise solutions to organizations using SAP Technology. We deliver realistic concepts based on experience to power your business.

Implementation Services

For any business software package it is require additional project management and application consulting experience to support their current staff during the software implementation process.

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High level of competence

Our experience will help you create a quality product

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Online sevices
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Finance management
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Experienced specialists

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Stable & predictable results

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100% Satisfaction guarantee

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20+ Years in consulting business

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Digital Core Capabilities

We help you realize that it’s time for the rise of a Data-Driven Business. LADERA offerings include SAP, .Net and Java. The transformational services prepare your organization for improved responsiveness, compliance and better service level management. We look forward to create a deliver value to our customers with our expertise and professionalism

Focus on Your Mission While We Focus on your IT Challenges !

Partner with us and you are on your way towards becoming an insight powered Enterprise.


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Serving 25+ customers across India, MENA, America with 100% + YOY Revenue Growth with 250+ employees.

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