SAP Solution Manager

Leverage SAP Solution Manager for efficient and agile IT Processes.

Businesses that run on SAP enterprise applications need a robust management solution for supporting, operating, managing, and maintaining those applications. The absence of a comprehensive administration solution may drive up TCO, lower the benefits they derive from their IT investments, aggravate risks, and create reliability issues.

SAP Solution Manager integrates application lifecycle management (ALM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) processes into a single platform. Being integrated, it supports centralized IT processes for SAP and non-SAP system landscapes to ensure quick troubleshooting, better system availability, and fewer disruptions to business operations. SAP Solution Manager, as a central platform, provides transparent processes, clear lines of responsibility, and end-to-end process documentation with good test cases. With its integrated application lifecycle management functions and technical access to connected system landscapes and tools, SAP Solution Manager can strengthen your IT organization and your business for the long term.

At Ladera Technology, we take an in-depth look at the central IT processes and business tools while engaging with stakeholders and helping organizations gauge their IT process maturity before optimizing them using our best practices.


Ladera Technology offers end-to-end implementation and management of SAP Solution Manager. Our team of experts meets with all stakeholders to assess and understand the needs and challenges, get a good view of the short and long-term goals, and critical business-centric pain points. They conduct multiple meetings with LOBs and employees to understand current processes, procedures, and tools leveraged. They plan workshops with IT and business teams, present use case scenarios, and build a compelling ALM roadmap covering the initial implementation, additional modules, fine-tuning, and optimization.

  • Upgrading and Installing SAP Solution Manager
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Ready-to-Run IT Processes
  • Application Management Support
  • Integration with other Applications

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