SAP BRIM helps businesses improve how they meet customer requirements.

SAP BRIM (Billing Revenue Innovation Management) is a modular application designed to support business activities and high-volume transactions associated with SAP customers’ billing and revenue processes. SAP BRIM, formerly known as SAP Hybris Billing, consists of four core components: Subscription Order Management, SAP Convergent Charging, SAP Convergent Invoicing, and Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable.

Organizations can leverage SAP BRIM as the component of a solution within SAP S/4HANA or as an integrated standalone module with SAP S/4HANA. The SAP Business Suite is also required to run SAP BRIM. Additionally, SAP recommends implementing the latest release of SAP Business Suite with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Advantages SAP BRIM

Get the most out of your data to create captivating experiences that increase customer retention and send profits through the roof. Here are a few more benefits you can expect from SAP Customer Experience Solutions:

  • Processing of high transaction volumes with high performance
  • Fast and transparent introduction of your new products and pricing models for B2B and B2C customers
  • Revenue sharing with your partners
  • Integration into existing payroll landscapes possible
  • SAP BRIM supports many industries: From insurance and retail to telecommunications, utilities, and financial services.

SAP organizations of all sizes are implementing SAP BRIM to manage the solutions of the business lifecycle responsible for business model design, usage trackage, and billing information. This is critical to enable complex billing and invoicing processes across industries like telecommunications, financial services, utilities, media, logistics, and public transport, providing increased flexibility around consumption models.

SAP BRIM is capable of helping companies process large amounts of data and enabling a more streamlined process to create custom pricing models that meet the needs of their customers. According to SAP, SAP BRIM helps customers “gain new revenue-generating insights into customers’ buying behaviors to drive more personalized customer engagement and maximize company profitability.” Organizations can determine which customers are most profitable, identify new revenue sources, and create revenue-generating opportunities across multiple channels and track performance metrics in real time.

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