Redefining Digital Transformation with SAP S/4HANA

The primary objective of SAP has always been to help the customers win. While the customers are well-versed in the transformation potential of SAP, their biggest challenge has been to achieve tangible outcomes, fully realize its promise and unlock untapped potential. To make this happen, enterprises need to adopt new business models along with intelligent processes.

RISE with SAP is a milestone program launched by SAP to help enterprises stop searching for alternate solutions in their quest for fundamental transformation. An efficient ERP core translates to maintaining a pristine digital DNA – driving business agility without hurdles, ensuring intelligent applications, maximizing ROI from your technology investments, and driving tangible business benefits.

RISE with SAP empowers you to become an intelligent enterprise characterized by an array of optimized processes, a modern IT infrastructure, a cloud-centric culture, and embedded innovative technologies. It also bundles all the necessary components needed for the transformation and seamlessly integrates them into the IT landscape of enterprises. Irrespective of your organizational technology maturity or SAP coverage, it catalyzes your progress on this transformation journey.

Rise with SAP Features.

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud (public or private cloud)
  • Solution operationalization on select hyperscaler
  • Integrated tools (Readiness Check, Learning Hub, Custom Code Migration App) for a seamless transition to the cloud
  • SAP Business Process Intelligence
  • Entry-level package for SAP Business Network
  • CPEA credits for SAP Business Technology Platform
  • All updates and patches

Benefits of Rise With SAP

A single offer on a single

contract making vendor management easy

Embedded best practices

business models, and built-in AI for an intelligent foundation

End-to-end support

for sustainability backed by an ecosystem of technology providers

Easy extension and integration

with any non-SAP and third-party technology

Up to 20% reduction of TCO over

five years for sooner realization of return from investments

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