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With an aim to reduce the costs of maintenance during the performance of applications, LADERA Application Maintenance Services plays a major role in the evaluation and the performance optimization of business applications. Identifying problems in software implementation requires expert level knowledge of the software. In order to be able to handle the hardware platform changes, commercial and regulatory requirements and software operating systems, all applications need maintenance from time to time.

During custom application development, it is crucial to effectively capture the needs of any future maintenance that may be necessary. Application maintenance and support hence allows for effective boosting of your company’s existing model, and can capture, report and resolve any issues.


To keep your company’s software running smoothly, one must have the following categories of custom application development services :

Corrective maintenance : After delivery, if the software requires maintenance, it is then modified to fix those existing faults.

Perfective Maintenance : This type of software application maintenance is done to modify a software to improve its performance and keep it agile.
Adaptive Maintenance : If there is a change in environment, the application development and maintenance team must modify the product in order to keep it running at its peak, regardless of external factors.

Emergency Maintenance :  Due to factors that cannot be controlled, sometimes an implemented software requires application support and maintenance to keep the product running smoothly and to keep it operational.


  • Enterprise Application Support and Maintenance
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Bundled Infrastructure and Application Support offerings
  • Managed Services
  • Instance Consolidation
  • 24×7 Service Desk
  • Technical Operations
  • Factory Shared Services
  • Application Portfolio optimisation

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We are aware that SAP is a business-critical application within your company and that precise solutions which can be implemented swiftly are crucial for SMEs in particular. We ensure that you get these with response and resolution times.
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